Internship Interview Tips

Happy May!

I thought it was appropriate to post about my internship experience today because it is officially OFFER DAY!

Offer day is the day that the hospitals or sites you interviewed at reach out to offer you the internship position. So as I anxiously await to hear my fate, I am writing this post (great therapeutic activity).

So I received a total of 6 interviews in the NJ/NY area. Each interview was so different! They each asked their unique questions, but also incorporated the questions found on the ACLP website. Click here to read them. Overall it was a mixture of your experience, developmental aspects, and situations.

Some things that I found helped me tremendously:

  • RESEARCH– Look through the hospital’s website and familiarize yourself with their child life program. See what unique programs and services they provide patients and families. Mention the programs in the interview when appropriate. I found the best time to mention them was when they asked me why I applied to their program. It shows them that you took the time to research what their program entails.
  • BE YOURSELF– Show them your personality, not what you think or assume they want. It may be your bubbly personality or your calm demeanor that catches their attention.
  • TAKE YOUR TIME– It is OK if you need to take a moment to think about your response to their question. Up to this point you gained a lot of knowledge about child development and it may take a moment to think back on what you know.
  • DO NOT OVERTHINK– You have all the tools and education you need to answer the questions correctly. If you overthink a question they ask it’s easy for you to get flustered and stumble your words or thoughts. If you do not know the answer do not be afraid to say you do not know. Remember you are a student, they do not expect you to know everything.
  • WRITE DOWN YOUR QUESTIONS– On a notepad write down the questions you have for the interviewer. When you are nervous it is easy to forget the questions you thought of so it’s great to have them written down already. It also shows the interviewers that you are prepared and organized.

These are the tools that helped me and I hope they can help you as well.

Until next time!

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