Sibling Booklet

Hi Child-lifers!

I am SO excited to share that I have posted the booklet I created for siblings on my ETSY page.

You can purchase it HERE!

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Why a sibling book?

At the hospital where I did my internship siblings under the age of 13 were not allowed to visit. I saw a HUGE need for siblings to feel included and understand what was happening, especially for the children whose sibling is hospitalized for weeks or months.

The book provides pages where the child can express themselves, learn about different aspects of the hospital, do fun activities, and continue to build their relationship with their sibling. For parents, this booklet can help them start the conversation about why their brother or sister is in the hospital and explain their illness or diagnosis.

If you purchase it and love it as much as I do, please leave a review! I hope to continue to create booklets that can be used with multiple patient populations.

Thank you!!!

Till next time!

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