Hello aspiring and fellow CCLS!

My name is Jessica and I am an alum from Bank Street College of Education. I live in the NJ/NY area. I interned this past year in Brooklyn, NY. This summer I will be starting my first job as a Child Life Specialist.

You may be asking what is a child life specialist?

A child life specialist (CLS) has a strong foundation in child development and plays a crucial role in providing support for patients and families. Using play they help patients understand their diagnosis and procedures, as well as express their feelings and provide them with normal experiences. CLS take into account a patient’s and their family’s  culture, ethnicity, social class, religion, etc. to tailor interventions to meet their individual needs. Overall, I like to say their three main roles are SUPPORT, EDUCATE, and ADVOCATE.

I decided to start this blog so I could share my journey into the child life field and of course share my creative interventions. I will share my internship application process, my internship experience, my journey to certification, and my experiences when I become certified. Through this blog I also want to connect and collaborate with other aspiring and practicing CCLS, so feel free to reach out to me!

Thank you for visiting my blog!



″You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t ever waste it!”

                                                                – Unknown