Hi Child-lifers!

That’s a thing right? haha!! Well offer date has come and gone. So now I can officially say I am going to be an intern in September! YAY!!!


I am feeling a bunch of emotions, such as excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, etc. I am my own toughest critic, so of course I was very hard on myself and convinced myself that I would not be offerred an internship. I received not only 1, but 3 offers! Essentially I received 2 on the initial offer date and then 1 on the second offer date. I am by no means bragging, I simply want to share my experience because it can happen to you as well! You never know if you are the exact person a program is looking for or if you said something that really stood out from the rest. The decision for me was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I went with my gut instinct and I decided to accept the internship at the hospital where I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed by the CCLS. The most important thing to me is to be able to learn from colleagues who are easy to talk to and really see my potential, and that is what lead to my decision.

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Internship Interview Tips

Happy May!

I thought it was appropriate to post about my internship experience today because it is officially OFFER DAY!

Offer day is the day that the hospitals or sites you interviewed at reach out to offer you the internship position. So as I anxiously await to hear my fate, I am writing this post (great therapeutic activity).

So I received a total of 6 interviews in the NJ/NY area. Each interview was so different! They each asked their unique questions, but also incorporated the questions found on the ACLP website. Click here to read them. Overall it was a mixture of your experience, developmental aspects, and situations.

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