Internship Update { 4 months }

Hi Child Lifers!

Happy New Year!!! I hope this new year brings you lots of happiness and many successful patient/family interactions.

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It has been a really LONG time since I’ve posted. I definitely underestimated my ability to be an intern, student, and blogger all at the same time! Seriously kuddos to whoever can balance all that.

These past 4 months of my internship have been crazy, exciting, overwhelming, fun, and so much more. Some major highlights have been:

  • What I believed would be a one semester internship turned into a two semester internship.
  • I have come to embrace my lengthy commute.
  • From September to December I have been in both the general pediatric unit and the pediatric intensive care unit.
  • Along side my supervisors, I have experienced bereavement support, medical education, therapeutic play, and procedural support.
  • I have become confident enough to approach cases independently.
  • I have built wonderful relationships with chronic patients and families.
  • I survived the holiday rush! It was so much fun 🙂

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App find: Headspace

Hi Child lifers!

This month’s app find is one that can help patients of all ages, as well as yourself.

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Wondering what it is? It’s called Headspace: Mediation. It has tons of guided meditation sessions for adults and children.  It does require a subscription for the more detailed sessions, but there are a lot of free basic sessions that you can recommend to teenage patients and that you can try yourself. The sessions for younger children require a subscription.

Some examples of sessions they have for adults are:

  • Managing Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Coping with cancer
  • Self-esteem
  • Grief

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App find: Simply Sayin’

Hello Child lifers!

I decided that I will post monthly finds of helpful apps. With how rapid technology is growing of course it’s only appropriate that apps are being generated to help children with hospitalization, self-expression, coping, etc.

Internship?Interview ?Tips

Some of you may have heard of this app, but I just discovered it this week and I’M OBSESSED! It was developed by the child life department at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

App: Simply Sayin’

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Hi Child-lifers!

That’s a thing right? haha!! Well offer date has come and gone. So now I can officially say I am going to be an intern in September! YAY!!!


I am feeling a bunch of emotions, such as excitement, nervousness, anxiousness, etc. I am my own toughest critic, so of course I was very hard on myself and convinced myself that I would not be offerred an internship. I received not only 1, but 3 offers! Essentially I received 2 on the initial offer date and then 1 on the second offer date. I am by no means bragging, I simply want to share my experience because it can happen to you as well! You never know if you are the exact person a program is looking for or if you said something that really stood out from the rest. The decision for me was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I went with my gut instinct and I decided to accept the internship at the hospital where I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed by the CCLS. The most important thing to me is to be able to learn from colleagues who are easy to talk to and really see my potential, and that is what lead to my decision.

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